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Michigan State's Nick Ward Declares For 2019 NBA Draft

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The Spartans could be losing a key roster piece.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Late last week,theMichigan State Spartansgot some significant news with regard to one of the team's better players.Nick Wardannounced that he would be entering the 2019NBA Draft.Notably,under the new rules,Wardcan still return to school.

During his three years with the program on the court,Wardhas played in 104 games and averaged 13.1 points and 6.5 rebounds per game in those contests.However,his stats have been reduced a bit due to consistent injury question marks.During last season,he ended up missing 14 games due to injury.

What's interesting aboutWard's position is that he has garnered little Draft hype over the last year.Many thought he could be a high pick after he put up solid numbers as a freshmen,but his numbers have stagnated with the emergence of Xavier Tillman.As such,if he chooses to remain in the Draft,there will be no guarantees.

Given these circumstances,this should be quite a situation to follow.Will Ward take his chances at the next level or take one more shot with the Spartans?There's no telling what Ward will do in the weeks to come,but BTPowerhouse will keep you posted as the NBA Draft draws nearer.